"Like" button for posts

I sometimes like posts but I don't necessarily want to add a comment. IMO: A "like" button similar to Facebook or Steve Hoffman forums would be great.
Wow how wonderful.
Shouldn't we also have a "Dislike" button?

Maybe a "Who Cares" button also?

Then we can really start obsessing :-)

Or maybe a "Try Again" button, so we can make some sense out of what you are asking.
We actually tried this, there was once a rating system for posters, and you could achieve different levels of approval from you other A'gon members. The experiment flopped miserably, I think Albert Porter was the top dog...
Yes, I often wish there was a dislike button on Facebook.
Williewonka, let's start obsessing, seems there's not enough in this hobby already.
What a terrific idea.
Tough crowd!
All in fun
Happy holidays.
Who the hell is this Steve Hoffman guy?
Pointless, useless. If you have nothing to contribute then just read/move on.
Wow, very tough crowd!
Really very dumb!!
Dumb and dumber or dumber and dumberer?
Curmudgeonly crowd, especially so close to Xmas.
There's actually an informal system in use here to signify just what you mention... e.g.,
+1 RJA, Yogiboy.
Didn't realize there were that many teenage girls reading the Audiogon forum to appreciate something like this.:-)
Hey Unsound, I "like" that comment!