"Light" power cord recommendations

I need a light, flexible PC (8') to run from my phono preamp to a line conditioner, otherwise I have found that heavier cords (due to self weight) tend to loosen the connection. I was thinking Z squared, but is there anything else out there?
I use an Audio Metallurgy Gold Alloy-9 for this purpose. Very "limp" and light and an excellent cord. It's not shielded, but it's double twisted. I'm using it from a balanced power unit, so noise and hum aren't really a problem anyway.
Audio Indulgence Alpine Lace, Z Squared, Shunyata Python or Anaconda, and VH Audio AirSine.
Blue Circle BC61 or Nordost Eldorado are two good ones.
Perhaps the lightest and most flexible power cord that I have used on both my cd player and preamp is the Michael Wolff Source cord. Extremely flexible and a great performer.
Electra Glide Mini Kahn Plus
Pure Note Paragon, $250. Best lightweight cord I have tried (very detailed and tight powerful bass). Also consider TG Audio SLVR but more dollars.