"Kisses on the Bottom" by Paul McCartney

Is it just me, or is this the most disgraceful and laughable album title to come along in recent memory? Has he outdone himself this time, or what? The cover art and contents appear to be equally cringeworthy.
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Haven't seen it or heard it but saying that could it be a lyric from "I'm Going to Sit Right Down as and Write Myself a Letter"
I think that title comes from the lyrics of one of the old standard tunes covered from about 100 years ago.

I guess Paul is not feeling the need to be very trendy these days.

The modern equivalent would be something along the lines of "Kiss My A--" or worse.

Many modern artists might not wince at that maybe, FBOFW, but definitely very un-Paul-like.

If John were still around, maybe, depending on his mood....
"Kisses On The Bottom" is a collection of standards as well as the two new McCartney compositions "My Valentine" and "Only Our Hearts." Lots of artists have done this over the years with Willie Nelson's "Stardust" probably being the most well known. While I think Nelson hit the ball out of the park with "Stardust", Sir Paul's offering doesn't do it for me at all. Just my opinion and nothing more.
thomas 'fats' waller === gonna sit right down and write myself a letter
Went over to Amazon to hear the thirty second intros and found myself wondering who's voice has improved more over the years Paul McCartney's or Rod Stewart's
Well, my point was hardly to indict him for not being trendy, or for getting racy with a 100-year-old lyric. In fact, I find this "very Paul-like" indeed - taking precious and cheesy to new levels that border on the surreal.

I think it's a fair bet that, if John were still around, he'd be throwing up in his mouth. But enough. I do love Paul, don't get me wrong.
Kisses on the bottom,back when people wrote letters,sometimes they wrote the word kisses,at the end(bottom) of the letter,,many kisses,from,Grandma instead of regards,love, or could write ,much love and kisses ,kiss ,kiss,many kisses for my baby,,,

THanks for that explanation. I knew there had to be a rational one based on use of language back when that song was written. Much more McCartney-like.
Uru975 and Raytheprinter have it right. It is a lyric from "I'm Going to Sit Right Down as and Write Myself a Letter" and it does refer to kisses written at the bottom of a letter.

I listened to the Amazon samples and I thought Paul's voice sounded thin and brittle. He got around to this project too late.
Let's cut the old boy a little slack.

Taking into consideration all McC's albums with The Beatles, Wings, and solo projects no other singer/songwriter except Dylan has produced anything close to his body of work.
Well you would have to throw Neil Young into that comparison as far as I'm concerned Audiofeil
No you don't.

Neil Young does not belong in the same conversation as McCartney and Dylan.

"Neil Young does not belong in the same conversation as McCartney and Dylan."

Maybe on the grand scale of things, but certainly an interesting topic for debate.
As are dozens of other artists but McC and Dylan are the 2 living preemeinent rock singer/songwriters. There really is nobody else in this league.

With respect to Paul Simon, Neil Young, Becker/Fagan, Plant/Page, and all the rest.
Notwithstanding my disdain for Paul's latest effort (which, by the way, has a marketing tie-in with Tiffany that is positively pukey), I would agree he and Dylan are difficult to touch, although I would say Jagger/Richards and Brian Wilson also punch in their weight class.

That said, there are still some rather preeminent song writers who continue to breathe and who wouldn't exactly run as distant seconds in my book.
In response to Audiofeil, couldn't agree more that Dylan and McCartney are true heavyweights, but I would also include William Robinson, Joni Mitchell, Brain Wilson, Paul Simon and Stevland Hardaway Morris.
Audiofeil - I have the temerity to suggest that as a solo writer/singer, Van Morrison is #2 after Dylan. Paul's solo work is VERY uneven; it doesn't have the consistent weight of Van Morrison's. IMHO - of course.
Neil Young's latest- one of my recent favorites, Paul's not at all. Both wonderful guys - can't always hit a home run. Aging rockers doing an album of standards has become a cliche. Neil's is all originals by the way.
I think Paul should stop singing live. Every time I here him on sing live on TV he sounds horrible.

He's a legend and I do not want his legacy tarnished by goofy "old man" performances.

Gdoodle, I have read several mention that NY's latest LP is excellent. I must add this to my next record order.
It's interesting to me that we're having a conversation about Neil Young not being in the conversation.
Agree that PMs vocals seem to be increasingly rough quite often of late, especially in comparison to his prime.