"Kid A"

I've glommed a good deal of 'recommended music' off these forums and thought I'd return the favor to someone with one of my own.

I got a copy of Radiohead's 'Kid A' a few months back and have to say that this is *easily* one of the best albums I've aquired/listened to in the past 5 years.

From the first song "Everything In It's Right Place", with its mesmerizing layered and shifting keyboards and vocals, this recording sucks you in and won't spit you out until about a half hour after the last song is done. Pardon the cliched descriptives, but they all apply - Haunting, groundbreaking, melodic, fresh, ambient, ethereal....you become awash in its atmosphere. I am in awe of its beauty - in concept, performance and recording quality.

Certainly this will not appeal to everyone, but if you are a fan of ambient/electronic music, more cerebral popular music such as Peter Gabriel (like Security or Passion), just plain into great music and are always looking for something different - you MUST hear this!

If you like 'Kid A', you might really enjoy 'Amnesiac' -- again, not for everybody. 'OK Computer' is still my favorite, but 'Kid A' is a very fine listen if you are in the mood. If you love this, I bet you might also be a King Crimson fan. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.
I've listened to Kid A several times and do thoroughly enjoy it. I have only listened to Amnesiac once, but didn't find it as captivating. I agree though that OK Computer is still my favorite.
Radiohead is without a doubt the band of this current millennia ...in my opinion ..

Amnesiac in my view is close to there best work, I think its there best recording as far as quality but OK Computer was the CD of the year for me when it was released !

I have been a long time fan of Radiohead. It took some time to get into 'Kid A' after OK computer and the Bends CD's. Even more time for 'Amnesiac', but I fine Thom Yorke style interesting. You kind of have to listen to the whole CD and be in the mood.

I saw Radiohead live a year ago at the Bay area Shoreline and they were fantastic.(My Seats were great). This weekend I am going to the KFOG Bridge school benefit concert and Thom Yorke will be playing, not sure if he will be there with the rest of the Radiohead band, but I look forward to the concert. There are so many performers like Ryan Adams, Jack Johnson, James Taylor, Niel Young an others that I doubt they will have time to play many of their songs.

If you like Radiohead check into Coldplay, Zero7 and another not really similar, but Goldfrapp for multilayer sounds. One more thing check out the 'Vanilla sky" soundtrack. You can pick that up from half.com for cheap and it's worth a listen. One more steal is Lyle Lovetts's Dr. T and the women sound track. Great reference recordings.

Enjoy the music.
Agree with all above. "OK computer" is a masterpiece, but "Kid A" and Amnesiac are very enjoyable. Let's not forget "The Bends". Must try some Coldplay ... I've heard a lot about them ... what's their best album for starters ?
I saw Coldplay at their first LA apperance last year at the Miyan Theatre. Unbeleievable show. Definitely pick up Coldplay's first domestic release "Parachutes" Their new album is also excellent, but start w/ Parachutes. I would also recommend Gomez "Liquid Skin" and "In Our Gun" Starsailor's "Love is Here" has been compared to Coldplay and is just okay , but IMO not up to the level of Coldplay. Give it a listen though....you may like it though
Interesting responses, thanks. Funny that while OK Computer has gotten much of the higher praise (here and in the reviews) I still feel comparatively that Kid A is the masterpiece. OK Computer is excellent as well, but Kid A to me is more of a stunner/groundbreaker. It's all good though.....glad I didn't give up on them after Pablo Honey - which didn't cut it for me.

I loved OK Computer. Then I bought The Bends and Pablo Honey. I really enjoyed The Bends but lost interest with it after a while. Pablo Honey was not too bad, but definitely not as good as The Bends. As far as Kid A and Amnesiac are concerned, I sold both of them because they passed from being "musical" to being "automated" or "sound-effectish." If Radiohead would take a turn back towards the OK Computer style, it would suite me just fine.
I have listened to Coldplay for over 2 years now and they are my favorite band. If you want to try Coldplay, start with Parachutes then get the new album and their LP's. Also if you like this Brittish sound, try "Badly Drawn Boy", somewhere in between Radiohead and Coldplay. Also pick up some "Doves" very Brit sounding. Lastly if you like Oasis sounding stuff try some "Travis", either The Man Who or the Invisable Band. Keep on listening.

OK Computer was the best CD of the 90's, IMHO. It just noses out Never Mind.
OK you RADIOhead's...anybody out there have their stuff on vinyl and how's the sound quality / pressing?? I'm thinking of buying all of their albums (new). Mind you, I already have the vertical collection on CD.

Hands down, the greatest band of the past decade.