"Jesus Christ Superstar?"

What is the best recorded version of "Jesus Christ Superstar"? I seem to remember that I was more impressed with the movie's soundtrack when I saw and heard it than the broadway versions I've heard? Are there any great recordings of Andrew Lloyd Webber's musicals? What are they?
There are numerous versions available, the movie soundtrack, broadway soundtrack, best ofs, remakes with different cast members and the original cast. I have them all including an unusual release called "Jesus Christ Superstar A Resurrection" featuring the Indigo Girls. I think the best quality version is the original cast Gold MCA Masterdisc that came out a few years ago, I believe it is still in print.
I have a Japanese pressing from the original cast; sounds fantastic even with the accumulate scratches of over 30 years.
I was able to see the original cast when they came to Madison,WI back in 1970 or 1971. The best I have ever heard was the original. To my ears, a live preformance is so much better than a soundtrack. I gave my original copy vinyl to a friend. It's the best I've heard. I have a copy now on CD but it doesn't have the track "39 Lashes". I have yet to find a digital copy that has that track. In the original stage production it was a moving scene both visually and emotionally. That comes across on the original vinyl. I will try and get the label name and number from my friend and post back.