"Integrated Amp" Do I dare go there??????

Hello Audiogoner's,
Without going into huge details I'll get right to the point!!!!, can a serious Stereophile, really survive on integrated amp alone?? after having separates for over 40 years, are there any really awesome integrated amps out there which could out perform my present system?. I am Running Krell, gear but I am getting that change gear itch! Bad Idea! can't be done?, let me know sugestions appreciated. ******Thank You Again.
Sure you can. Assuming you don't need gobs of power, there are many excellent products out there.
However, outperforming yr present system is another matter, as I don't know what it is.

Other than the itch and the obvious advantage of 1 pair less IC, what is it that attracts you to an integrated?
Check out the Roland Concerta, the Roland Concentra II, the Musical Fidelity Trivista 300 or KW models. all of these integrates have tons of power and are exceptionally musical. Will they "beat out" what you have? Who knows, but many of my "seperates only" buddies have seen just how great a integrated can be when they hearrd them in my home.
Enjoy the search
you may want to think really hard about this. even with a great integrated, your krell pair probably is probably just as good or better. get an integrated, but don't ditch the krells until you know for sure. a speaker change would scatch the itch bigtime, but if you are generally happy with the sound, hopefully the itch will pass
Absolutely not! No wayyyyyyy! I cannot imagine a real audiophile using an integrated amp. Your epaulets should be torn off and your sword broken as you're banned from the local audio salon.

You'll have to get rid of a pair of interconnects and you'll also lose a power cord opportunity that could really lock in your system and take it to the next level. Having your preamp section optimally matched to the power amp section isn't all that it's cracked up to be. And don't forget that if you go the integrated route your choices are so much more limited. Off the top of my head I can only think of Krell, Rowland, Mark Levinson, Musical Fidelity, PS Audio, Pathos, Myrad, Plinius, Creek, Rega, YBA, Exposure, DK, ASR, Sim, McIntosh, Classe, Viva, Manley, Arcam, VTL, Electrocompaniet, Tact and Consonance as the only high end brands that even bother to make integrated.

What will your friends say?
Absolutely! I went through a serious 'downsizing' myself several months ago. My current integrated list for 25% of the price of my seperates. I have to admit that I'm pleasantly surprised at the performance of my integrated.

My system is now less costly, and much simpiler, so my wife and children can now even operate my rig.

Performance wise, I'm really dissapointed that I didn't do this sooner. Though I do have to admit that I still have a bunch of $$$ tied up in cables.


Blue Circle has two new integrated amps.

The solid state BmPH is 160 watts for $3995

The Tube/SS Hybrid FtTH is $4695

While a down size in the number of components, most likely an upgrade in sound.
Try and get a used Jadis DA-60, it too just can't hold a candle.....
"are there any really awesome integrated amps out there" ? There are more manufacturers making integrateds in the high end that compete with seperates than ever. Older Krell seperates definitely have some competition. While I have not heard many of these, I suggest trying to get a home audition with as many as possible so you can find that elusive synergy with your current gear. There are a huge number of high end integrateds. You may be able to get home auditions through local dealers, but if home auditions are also available through internet dealers as well. Here is a long list to investigate; you can read up in the forums and Google to go to the websites: VAC, Musical Fidelity kw500 or Trivista, ASR Emitter, Plinius 9200, Einstein, Cary, Nait, McIntosh MA2275, Bryton B100, Mark Levinson, Jeff Rowland, Leben, Rogue, Manley, YBA, Classe, Audiomat, Balanced Audio Technology, Zanden, Jadis, Accuphase, Lecteur, Dussun (new from China), MBL... The list goes on and on. Once you've narrowed your search try to get a home audition so you can hear as many as you can with your source and speakers. Although I don't know which Krell seperates you have, imho, there are quite a few high end integrateds that will outperform them. Much of it will depend on how much money you're willing to spend on an integrated. Enjoy the search and head for some deale
I've tried numerous integrated and I'm currently living with a Cary SLI-80, but I think the best sound I've heard by far was always separates. People offer theories, like, audio firms cut corners on preamp quality for integrateds, or sharing power supply is less than optimal. I originally expected FAR BETTER results from an integrated since the manufacturer controls the interface and there is no extra cable, so I am baffled.
I think the only people that should own seperates have tens of thousands in HI FI gear the rest of us should own integrateds and save hundreds on PCs and ICs

Onhwy61 is right on the money as far as component matching too...
Some of the suggestions are good. But there are several that have not been asked: One- What speakers are you using with your Krell gear? Two- Do you need a phono stage? Three- What speaker wire and interconnect(s)are you using? Four- Are you using digital or analog or both? Five- Is Home Theater in the picture at all? And six- Are you open to tubes or prefer solid state over tubes?

In my experience most individuals that use Krell gear don't consider upgrading to tube gear. I think once we get the answers to the questions above only then can we suggest safely.

Buy a Mcintosh 6900, 5 band eq, and quality power and pre that some seperates can't touch honestly, super smooth tube like sound with the power of a big krell.
Integrated amps have really come a long way over the past several years. I used to run strictly separate amps and preamp but now just run an integrated amp. I love the simplicity and sonically I don't feel I've really sacrificed anything.
"The itch is gone" separates rule!!!!!!!!. Thank you all for your help.**********Aoltes
What caused your itch to be scratched in less than one day?
aoltes.....go out a buy music with all the money you just saves yourself....sometimes audiophiles forget they are already 'there'.
Bizarre. What a waste of time.
Bizarre. What a waste of time.
Ditto. A one-day itch, my butt. Or rather, his...and we all just scratched it good.
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Sorry, if I jumped the gun!!!! a little? just want to make sure you guys and gals are paying attention, and you did great. I've been around long enough to know there are some great Integrated amps out there!. Thanks
Well done Aoltes. Pure comedy.
People buys hi-end gears for different reasons : (1). For the love of music reproduced thru the gears. (2).For the love of the gears (3).For the proud of ownership and status = mine is better than yours. Aoltes, What is yours ? Don't have to answer here just reflect on yourself for a moment.
Everyone has a different opinion about Separates vs. Integrated Amplifiers. In my case, I went from separates to a single box solution because I wanted to simplify my system, reduce equipment costs (and cables) and had shelf space limitations. The final decision was not easy but I purchased the McIntosh MA6900 Integrated amplifier and the McIntosh MCD205 CD player for my Sonus Faber Grand Piano Domus speakers. The extra power plus the tube like quality of the MA6900 make these speakers really stand out. I was very surprised at how good my system sounds and so were my friends.

For my ProAc 2.5 speakers (2nd System), I purchased the Ayre AX-7e Integrated Amplifier and the Ayre CX-7e CD player. This system also sounds very good.

I suggest you listen to your speakers with several different combinations of separates and integrated amplifiers. This is the only way you can make a decision on the right combination of electronics for your needs. cheers...
gryphon diablo and youre done......you will be wondering whats the point of separates......;)
I tried the McIntosh MA-6900, nice quality with hefty heavy weight, nice meters. I was very excited about purchasing this amp for the sound. I tried it with my Klipsch Klipschorns, Klipsh RF-7, and B&W N800 speakers.
I was very disappointed. It takes away some details in favor of a more refind and smoother sound. I had to go back to my Rotel RB-1090. It wasn't something I expected at all! Since then I've read tons of some people saying the same on the internet audio forums. I guess live and learn but I thought I would gain more going with it.