"I've Got Blisters on My..."

A 15 year old recently told me that the correct phrase is "I've got blisters on my feet". I immediately corrected him and said "fingers". He said I was the one who didn't know his Beatles and it's "feet". Who's correct?
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It's the fingers...

Lennon's been hammering his guitar strings. Give the kid credit for listening.

Fingers, but then I've not listened to the White Album for a few years. . .
Yeah, it's fingers. I just recently read the Complete Beatles Recording Sessions book and the author said that it was actually Ringo that yells the phrase at the end of Helter Skelter. I always thought it was John too, but I suppose it makes perfect sense.
Thanks! I've always wanted to wipe the know-it-all smile off this kids face.
Fingers. It's Ringo who says this after being told to play harder to get the feel right. Poor Ringo.

Okay, now here is a golden opportunity for you to upgrade your system. Tell your partner that the reason your son got it wrong is that the current level of rez is obscuring the details. Therefore, in order to not confuse the children any further you must buy that new "fill in the bank with your next stereo upgrade item." Just think, if they are getting this wrong what else are they missing?
Heh, if the kid couldn't tell that lyric was fingers, he must have been in too many boom cars! (Or else listening to the song in one). Ask him how 50% distortion sounds at 120 dB, if he can hear you....
Still fingers 11 years later.

No major official remixes or editing to that extent still that I know off.

Give it time...
Either one is fine. It could be worse.
Ever notice this classic line is not on the mono version ???