"Hustle" Television Show Music Available?

Just caught this show for the first time on AMC (not a big TV watcher). Anyhow the music is outstanding! The show isn't too bad either but I would really like to get a hold of a soundtrack or something if available. My research tells me very little - that it's a BBC show with music credits given to Magnus Fiennes and Simon Rogers. Any help from my friends from across the pond?
Hmmm, thought you guys were good - perhaps I even stumped the band on this one...
What I found is the name Simon Rogers who is credited for the intro and exit music for Hustle.

This series appears to have been released only as a Region 2 DVD (not normally playable on USA players). Because of this, I cannot access all of my sources to determine the contents of the sound track.

What I found about Simon Rogers, he was part of two bands, "The Fall" and "The Lightning Seeds." You can look up "The Fall" at AMG, there are pages of text on that band.

The Lightning Seeds was a project of producer Ian Broudie, who was born in 1958 in Liverpool, England.

First noted as a member of Big in Japan, a product of the same post-punk scene as Echo & the Bunnymen, the Teardrop Explodes and Icicle Works.

After Big in Japan split in 1979, Broudie followed a brief tenure in the Original Mirrors by producing the first two Bunnymen LPs, Crocodiles and Heaven Up Here, as well as work by the Fall, Wah! and Frazier Chorus.

Unfortunately I cannot provide you a link where you can buy "Hustle" sound track. Perhaps you could rent the disc in your market, play the music and read the credits. With that info you could search Amazon UK or Tower UK for releases by those artist.

Is the music accompanying this advertisement for "Hustle" the tune you're referring to?


Good luck with your music search.
Thanks for the assist Albertporter. I believe the opening music is available, however I find the music accompanying the entire show to be quite the eclectic blend. I didn't realize the DVD's were available. I'll most likely go that route. I believe the show has been on for a couple of years so that way I can catch up with the episodes and perhaps get more info from the closing credits.
Good luck man, I understand the passion of seeking out obscure music. You are fortunate to live in the UK, I receive parcels almost weekly with LP's that I can't purchase in the USA.
I've seen the show a few times and I do recall some music used was by the Thievery Corporation. I recognized a few other pieces but don't remember now who the artists were. Good luck with your quest.
Actually I live in the US but I do have capability of viewing region 2 DVD's. It's just rarely that I find such a fascinating blend of music in a television series. I do recall a few exceptional episodes of "La Femme Nikita" where the music was done very well. Anyhow, I appreciate all the help and will definately offer up any findings I come up with as well.