"Human" speakers

Anyone with experience with Human speakers? Looking at the Q2+. Thanks.
Their website isn't working right now,tried Firefox,IE.If they have anything to do with the people that were there in the 70's or 80's,don't expect much from them.Nasty,bad warranty,etc.
I bought a pair of Huw's speakers a little while back and think they are really quite good. If you liked the EPI standmounts from the 1970s, I'd get a pair.
Website works like a dream AND is very well written. Don't know what "HIFITIME" is talking about?
Website is fine tonight.I had a pair of Epicure's under warranty,and it didn't work out.They sent me the wrong driver,(different part number) and was told it was the same.It looked the same but sure wasn't.The dealer I bought them from verified it was for a totally different speaker model with a different volume cabinet.Then they stated it was close enough.They didn't have the correct one! The dealer couldn't help because they dropped the line do to problems they had with them.Their website works fine,but if its the same people,I hope they've changed.The speakers were given to a friends young son to play with.
I have a pr. of EPI, nice little thrift store find for 10 or 15 bucks, really good shape too and heavy. I didn't know anything about them but when I picked them up and saw how heavy they were with 8 in. woofers I figured they gotta be good.
Just my 2 cents: IF you can find them, the Epicure 20 later model was very good... circa 1978... the best was the Epicure model 3.0 (I think that was model number), the "Pyramid" design 3-way. I have not seen one of those used for some time now... better to get a hold of one of these models and have a local pro re-foam, and if you want, change out the capacitator yourself.. the crossovers were pretty simple if I recall...