"Home Theatre" Seating for music listening

I am looking for home theatre style seating for my dedicated 2 channel, music listening room.

The problem that I am encountering is that every manufacturer of this furniture makes the seat back very high for comfort.

For acoustic purposes, I am looking for seating where the seat back (for the average adult) comes no higher than the bottom of the ear lobe.

If you have seen such, please let me know any information on the manufacturer/retailer of seating with low backs.

Thank you
How do these look

HTH Dave
The Stressless reclining chairs from Ekornes are very comfortable. Check out their website here, pay particular attention to those chairs that are less that 39 inches high. My chair does not go above the bottoms of my ears and "clears" even more when slightly reclined. Check out at a local dealer if possible to determine proper "fit" for your needs. Bob.