"HELP" tired Koetsu

Great Forum Gang! MY DILEMA: I have used a Koetsu Rosewood for over 20 years. I have had it retipped once[about 5 years ago and it is tired again. Should I retip it again? or invest in the Shelter 501? I have "never" heard the shelter however; by reading "between the lines" here and elswhere it sounds like it has a similar voicing [tonally] to my beloved Koetsu[lush].I use the Melco table and 2 tone arms 1) sumiko -The ARM and 2)the ET-2[heavily tweaked].The koetsu performs well in both arms. I also have a Stax [12inch model]in the closet somewhere.As I am sure most of us vinyl "dinasaurs" realize arm/cartridge synergy is of paramount importance.Do you think the shelter will work as well as the Koetsu with any or all of these tonearms? The koetsu was magnificent in the ET-2 and was hoping the shelter would be as well.Of course- I am open to other suggestions and recommendations. Cheers David.
Thanks Twl.Ya learn something new everyday! Still have a FR-7....anybody remember them? Unfortunely I [regretfully] sold the fr-64 tonearm years ago- as someone made me an offer I couldn't refuse! The FR cartridges [in their day] were the only moving coils that I would even consider close to the Koetsu.My Koetsu is original and was rebuilt by Koetsu in 97.I would bet the Shelters are great [now that I know their pedigree].Would like to set it up in the et-2.Anyone using the 501 in the et?
Ecclectique, you may want to check into the Magic Diamond Blue. I hear rumors that is is THE thing to own. No one here seems to have anything to say about it though. It is spendy! I have never seen one let alone listened to it though.
Hi Maxgain. Do you know any specs on it,output,price,source etc? cheers
All I know is that it is "medium" output, wich I take to mean somewhere around 1mV. The price is $5500 and up(if you have to ask you can't afford it, like buying a helecopter) for Signature models. I understand that the stylus shape is something new, and is why it works so well. The IAR did review it.
I just read the IAR review of the MDB cartridge. It gave it very high praise. It is available for $5500 for the basic model from Damoka Distribution in NY.

If you read the description, you find it has a special diamond shape made in Switzerland. This leads me to believe it is a European made cartridge. They also say it sounds exactly like the master tape, and has none of the "lush" sound that "romanticizes" the music. What that really means, if you read between the lines, is that it is like the other European cartridges that have all the right "audiophile" characteristics, but are lifeless and sterile. Just what I would expect from another Euro cart. If you like the Koetsu, FR, and Shelter, expect a big letdown from this MDB cartridge. I haven't heard it, but the warning signs are there.