"head" amps??

The gain on my CAT Ultimate's phono stage is borderline for the Koetsu Rosewood Std (0.6mV) that I'm using. I know the cartridge can be more dynamic and open than it's sounding; I have to crank it to 3 o'clock on some recordings to get good sound. Years ago there used to be pre-preamps or head amps for adapting low output MC's to MM stages. Do any neutral modern day ones exist?
PS. For various reasons I don't want a separate full function phono stage.

Both Quicksilver and Ear make excellent transformers for the step-up of low output cartriges. There are a number of sound technical reasons why a passive transformer is superior to an active head amp, however, as with all things audio, execution is final determinant and active devices can sound as good as transformers.
dynavector has a well respected one, i think i saw it for sale here recently.
I use both passive (Mitch Cotter MKII "pickup transformer")
and active (Sota "head amplifier") and much pefer
the transformer. I'm using a 0.4mV Benz Micro Gold MC.
There are numerous used active and passive devices out there and it's worth it to try a few to get the best sound
to suit your system/room.
You can always sell the ones that didn't suit you.

You might also check out the excellent discussion and
recommendations at:
Thanks to all for the input. Tjbearman, I am familiar with Arthur's recommendations having bought my first "serious" turntable from him in the late seventies. Unfortunately most of the units on his list are not readily available. At this point, the EAR MC-3 would appeal as the most flexible unit. Thanks again.