" Great Jazz Clint "

I am a liberal, a John Kennedy liberal. I was in Grant Park for 3 days in 1968... still wondering if I was protesting the war or scoring drugs and chicks. I've used the phrase "empty chair" as an analogy or metaphor for half my life...so when Clint Eastwood used the chair Thursday night, I got it and wasn't shocked. What does shock me is the phony Hollywood liberals that don't know what their doing. It's all about ticket sales. Young people buy most of the movie and concert tickets... so Hollywood liberals have to come off liberal, to remain a star. Their mangers tell them to act that way or become a bum in the park. Their all phonies and " Eastwood was right on "
I think there are plenty of other forums on the web where one can discuss politics. I for one would rather see Audiogon as a place focused on music and audio discussions with unrelated social issues discussed elsewhere. Just my opinion, FWIW.
This is clearly not an Audio topic. Are you a liberal or libertarian, in any case JFK's memory has been dishonored by your claimed alliance.
I agree 100% with Photon46. Politics has become so vitriolic, let's keep Audiogon a refuge from all of it. Simply put, it's plain ugly. At some point before the election I'll probably stop watching and listening to media altogether. I've had enough already.
I discovered that all political coverage on tv improves if you turn down the sound and listen to Stan Getz on your headphones while you watch the tv screen.
As an audiophile I will forever have the desire to attain an approximation of “truth” coming from both the right and left channels. Without giving away my personal leanings, I believe it safe to say that in today’s climate of political vitriol, both right and left add an unacceptable degree of distortion and would prefer any mention of them be where it is appropriate…...elsewhere.