"gear-heads": OLD subwoofer help needed

I ran across a set of old but quite large RTR subwoofers today. Even though they are pretty much gutted, the design is like nothing that i have ever seen before. The specific model is listed on the cabinet as a "DAC 1". ANY info / leads / background that you can provide would be GREATLY appreciated. I have NO idea as to when they were made, but i would guess sometime around the late 70's or very early 80's or so. Sean
sean: i know i've heard the RTR's somewhere in the distant past (yoda was one of my fraternity brothers; he was a senior when I pledged). just trying to power-up the memory banks or stumble upon the site you've not yet discovered. hang on. somebody here has got to remember this box. -kelly
Just like Kely I remember RTR from the dark past. I will think on it and post again if I remember more. Chris
Nobody uses the internet. Try a search (I currently like the Google search engine) on <+ rtr + speakers>. There is a current site rtrspeakers.com that show it is a BIC America Co. There are some sites that have other info and bbs. I did not delve deeply. Have fun. :)