"Forward" sounding ICs and Cables?

I am currently using Wireworld Gold Eclipse III ICs and Stealth Premier Copper Cables. My problems is that since the Wireworld ICs have broken in I have too much depth in the soundstage on much of the material I listen to. Vocals sound as if they are coming from far behind the speaker, at reduced volume. Imaging and width of soundstage are great just too much depth. I have reduced this problem through speaker positioning but its not enough. I realize that the Dynaudio Confidence 5s I use are prone to this, but it bothers me. Any suggestions for cabling to reduce this problem would be appreciated.
Nordost Blue Heaven is on the forward side.
I experienced the same affect with my Duntech Sovereigns. I experimented with toe in, adjusting my listening position & changing the distance of the speaker from the rear wall. This problem is fixable with some experimenting with these three elements & retaining your present cable.

I would recommend that you check the Cardas Cable site for speaker & room setup. The information there is excellent. It will address all the factors you are working with. GOOD LUCK!
yes, you may be able to bring your sound stage more forward by pushing your speakers back or your listening chair forward...but maybe not. wires are acceptable "tone controls" for the straight wire with gain set. and many are designed just so. but wires are connections between components that may have multiple boards, thus complex circuits. so, wires aren't the same in every system. indeed, they are different in each. this is but one reason why in-system, pre-purchase auditioning is imperative. lesson is: your component/wire synergy may not be optimized by moving stuff around. corollary: it may hurt ("but everybody hurts, sometime"- rem), but you may need to dump the wireworld or stealth, or both, in favor of something that works IN YOUR SYSTEM. ain't no easy answers here. and, god knows, even fewer inexspensive ones. good hunting. -kelly
Ignatz. Despite the claims to the contrary from Wireworld, its cables have high capacitance. The effect you are experiencing is precisely what I heard with an amp that has proved not to like high capacitance cables, and driving difficult electrostatic speakers. It is not so much a forward cable that may be the solution, so much as a low capacitance cable.
Thank You Cornfed...... Sean
For some reason, Redkiwi's post wasn't there when i submitted my first post. Either way, his findings about interconnects with high capacitance are right on the money. They typically produce a warm tonal balance with slightly sunken or "recessed" mids with a smooth yet soft high end in my experience. As Cornfed stated previously though, this is system dependent and your results might very from system to system and component to component. It all boils down to the specific impedance that the cable and load present to the source component and finding what works best with your specific gear. Good hunting and GOOD luck. This can take a LOT of trial and error. Sean
I don't want to leave the impression that Wireworld cables sound as described, just that they (and others with moderate or high capacitance) can sound this way with some amps. Nor is there a problem with the amps - provided you use an appropriate cable.
Redkiwi and Sean - Thanks for the capacitance clue. I talked to Classe' (My amps are CAM-350s) and they said that my amps as well as the Omicron and Omega are extremely sensitive to capacitance of cables used. At least I have a place to start.