"Finicky" DVD Players

I own a Sony DVP-S7700 and a Denon 1500. Both of these DVD players are VERY particular as to what and WHEN they will play certain DVD's. I have 2 computors with DVD capability , both of which will play these DVD's anytime. I have noticed that many times (when I buy a used DVD from say:-Blockbuster- that the DVD player will not recognize that there is a disk inserted or says that it cannot read the disk. I can sometimes get this "refusal" and later on it will play with no ploblem. What's up?. Do I have to buy an EXTREMELY cheap unit to solve this problem?

Thanks for your help


The SONY DVP S7700 is from circa 2000 (my SONY DVP S560D is from the same production year). Other than redbook CD's (no CDR-R or CDR-RW's) and production DVD's, the SONY's will not play anything else. You can go on Google and search on "SONY C13:00" and spend the next few hours reading away. I know that this could imply that Blockbuster's DVD's could be DVD+; DVD-; etc. and I don't know enough to say either way.

DVD players have improved tremendously since 2000. I just upgraded to a SONY DVD recorder (the SONY GX300 for $350) which recognizes most variations on the DVD theme. If it is just a DVD player that you want, take a look at Panasonic's F87/97 (single player/changer) for $90-$115. Super build and super performer and it recognizes at least a dozen different formats/variations.

Regards, Rich
I will post an old question here, my Samsung HD841 makes a digital kind of gurggled sound, but the picture plays seamlessly, any ideas of why? thanks Chad
My 7700 plays CD-R and DVDR.
I own 700 dvds and they all plays fine.