"Fast sounding tube amp" with plenty of power? any?

I recently had a chance to audition an ASL 1008 monoblocks to run my Thiel 3.6s and I found the amp to be able to run the Thiels and the warmth of tubes is there but it just sounds too slow.When I switch back to my Krell FPB 200's the music seems to sound normal again. I know this is not the best that tube amps has to offer and the Thiel 3.6's are not the best speakers for tubes,so I need your recommendation. Speakers that's at least at par with the Thiels 3.6s speed and transparency and a matching tube amp with balls.
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I've found that Tube Research Labs amps are very fast (dynamic, especially compared to traditional tube sound. Info is available at www.savantaudio.com, though their prices aren't current.
Transcendent Sound SC150 monos. As fast as solid state.
I should know. I own them and have used many solid state amps (McCormack, Sim Audio, PSE, Meitner, Adcom, to name a few). I am auctioning my SC150 now on audiogon because I am using a lower power OTL amp with my Merlin VSM-M.
Among the fastest amps in the world are Atma-Sphere's line of OTL tube amps, which includes the 220-watt MA2 MK2 monoblocks. Atma-Sphere amps boast a slew rate of 600 volts per microsecond! Very few amplifiers even list their slew rate any more, but 50 volts per microsecond is typical for solid state, and 200 volts per microsecond would be quite fast. Tube amps are often down around 15 volts per microsecond. The only amps I know to be faster than the Atma-Spheres are the Spectrons and Goldmunds, but they don't have the magical midrange and relaxing voicing of a good OTL tube amp. Other OTL amps are probably quite fast as well - I just happen to be familiar with Atma-Spheres.
Atma-Sphere MA-II's
Wolcott Presence Monoblocks..220 watts of el34 power, not your stereotypical tube amp.
In my post above, that should have been "Spectral" instead of "Spectron".
One of the fastest amps out there has got to be the David Berning ZH270 OTL. I have yet to find an amp that can keep up. This 10 lbs. wonder is quite possibly the most advanced amplifier there is. The ZH270 has blown away every amplifier I've compared it to(Sim Audio, Blue Circle, and Mark levinson)to name a few.
i second tube research labs . contact me i will give you current prices, specs etc. their is nothing tube or solid state even close. even the small amps will run your krell into the auction block.
I agree with Duke. Atma-sphere MA2MKII.2's are lightning quick and at 220 watts per channel, will drive most speakers. Any high powered OTL should be quicker than a transformer based amplifier.
Atma-Sphere, period.
Nestorovic NA1's, if you can find a pair on the used market are the best (alongside the Tube Research Labs GT200 amps)I have heard period. Now for what you can actually buy new...Wolcott P220 amps are hard to beat.

Hi Mike,

Actually, Tube Research Labs are still available. The prices have increased somewhat though. Sound by Singer carries them.

Hope this helps,
Rmml- As for speakers, I'd recommend checking out the Coincident Technology line. Outstanding match with great tube gear. Good luck.
i have tube research stereo 100, mono 400s and 800s . andy has a pair of 200s. the designer builder etc, custom builds to order. good luck in getting a pair. he is a personal friend of mine, and would be glad to talk to you . thanks kirk.
Try a SS amp. Pass Labs with a tube preamp or the pass labs' x-1. I own a pair or 2.3's. With the x-1, you get 90% of the magic of tubes, with-out having to own tubes.
Saw this post while just browsing and wanted to see why no one had mentioned atma-sphere yet?? I was wrong- All you guys are absolutly on the ball with this one!! There is an auction currently open on this site for a new pair!!!
Check out the Audio Research 300 MKII's, very fast and very powerful! Good luck...........Vader
Thanks a lot for all the input guys, much appreciated.
One more thing, I should note that the owner/circuit designer for Tube Research Labs is also the designer/joint venture owner of the FIM Cable.
And again: Atma-Sphere MA-2 OTL's, way to go !
Atma-Sphere MA-2 MKll.2 220 Watts
Atma-Sphere MA-1 MKll.2 150 Watts
I agree with the number of votes for Atma-sphere, but as far as sonics go I find the Tenor OTL's superior, and equally as fast and dynamic. The power question is paramount, the Tenors are rated ar 75 w, and although I've seen on other posts they can drive a good many speakers of different effeciency, including Wilsons, I've not seen any comments about anyone having heard them driving Thiels, which if I recall are a somewhat difficult load. However, I wouldn't be surprised if the Tenors amply drive them, and they are so good,I think it behooves you to give them an audition if possible. The AR Ref 300 MKII's are very powerful and fast as noted above, and will drive virtually any load, if so required. I personally preferred the sound of the Tenors over the Atma-sphere, and sold my AR 300's to purchase the Tenors, which drive my speakers without blinking. Worth a test drive if possible.
May I second Mes' suggestions & comments, on all accounts. I lately listened to Tenors & have heard Atmas (come on, the MA2 for the 3.6) and ARC. In that order, IMHO. Your ears (not mine) rule, however.

I would suppose that any OTL amp would be faster than any transformer coupled tube amp. I am using s Transcendent 25 watt OTL (this is the quietest amp I've ever heard, absolutely dead silent at the listening position) and I must say that the "real time" factor is better than anything I have EVER heard from any other amp be it tube or SS. The great benefit of this speed and what is notable is that there is NO OVERHANG at any frequency, this makes the music come alive.

I haven't heard any of the other OTL's mentioned above, but the point I feel is clear, OTL amps make music more real in a way that isn't obtainable from other amplifiers and the reason is their superior speed along with that palpable presence that music lovers find in tube gear. I'm not sure that accurate is necessarily the right word but what else can it be? Maybe less fatiguing? It is so much better to my ears that I would never consider a speaker system with an impedance that wouldn't match with an OTL. There is no going back.