"Exit Stage Left" by Rush and other questions...

1) Why does this incredible album sound so muffled and poorly recorded?

I have heard live albums from that era and before that sound much better recorded-and the remastered edition sounds just as bad as the original.

2) Why in the world was the drum solo from "YYZ" not included in the "Exit Stage Left" video? Did the group not realize what a monumental let-down this was going to be to Rush fans? This to me is the most incredible drum solo in rock ever recorded. I have heard nothing like it before or since. So why not put it on video?

3) And on their next video, the "Grace Under Pressure" tour, again no recorded drum solo. And the quality leaves much to be desired. I'm talking now about the "Rush Replay" video compilation. Were these videos really remastered?

As a side note, I've been a Rush fan since high school, have every album from "A Farewell to Kings" to the present and have seen them live in concert many times.

I'm not complaining just for the sake of complaining. These are questions I've had for a long time and I figure I'd ask them now since I know there are many Rush fans here on audiogon that may know more than I about the questions I've raised.

Thanks in advance.
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The recording quality comes down to the recording engineer, equipment, set up, and room.

I have several live Rush CDs or DVDs. "Exit Stage Left" is the best of the bunch, IMO, despite it's recording quality.
Ericjcabrera-sometimes those fan websites get a lot of traffic that isn't serious, and here at audiogon I don't have to worry about that.
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