"Ever happen to you" strange electronics

Hello Audiogoners, the other night I had a very strange thing hapeen to me as I reached for my Krell remote to conclude a very enjoyable evening listening to my music my Krell FPB 200, would not shut down and go into standby mode, even manually depressing the silver button on front, it stll refuses to shut down!!*$$##$F@@!!!! what's left little toggle switch on back of amp only used it when amp was in standby, OH, well here goes!!?? amp off and so is circut breaker, no power, power back in house and Amp appears to be ok "KNOCK ON WOOD" Any ideas!!?? Thank you.

Skynet has been activated.
my remote for my Muse model nine CD/DVD player goes crazy if the HUMIDITY in the room goes below about 50% and the lower it goes the worse the remote screws up (BTW Muse could not reproduce the effects at their factory)

The thing drives me nuts but sounds (and looks) so damn good I put up with it


Jgiacalo ... outstanding Joe. Very good.

" "Ever happen to you" strange electronics"

I've made it a habit to buy only strange electronics.

Once we become friends they start wanting to borrow money, the car, the lawnmower, weed eater, etc. they never bring them back either!

Was that strange enough?
I had a shovelhead that did that Blindjim,YMMV.Good luck,Bob
Sometimes micro processors need to be reset.
I have had equipment that the remote does not work until the unit is shut off and re powered.
Nothing to worry if it happens rarely.
Stuck Relay?
Does the Krell even HAVE a relay?

I drove the neighbors NUTS for a month with an RF remote control set to the same code as theres! Big Fun. I'd step out to the kitchen, aim towards the back windows and see the glow of the TV flicker as I changed channels.
They thought the house was haunted.
I had an amp that did just that. And the problem just went away... strange indeed.
For a few "REALLY BAD APPLES" out there, most of you Audiogoners, have been very helpful Thank you. " BAD APPLES" I don't know how you sleep nights.
It's a Krell! Obviously, monsters from the Id!