"EAC" For Video? Quick Video Clips for PC

Can anyone please offer suggestions for "grabbing" a variety of video sources for easy transfer, review, emailing etc in a Windows environment?

In the end, I dont need perfect quality, but would like to do the following:

"grab" favourite scenes from movies to make a hard drive based compilation of my favourite scenes

"grab" analog video from VHS for transfer onto hard drive

"grab" digital video from a Sony DVR device to transfer onto hard drive

I do not have Tivo but have been impressed by the TimeWarner cable hard drive recording device. The quality is more than adequate and it is easy to use.

If I could rip all these files in high quality, and then use a separate utility to compress them for email, that might even be better.

Thank you.
Try this site. http://members.cox.net/yesshows/Ginny.html

This type of information would be even better without the photos of the cat, but thank you.

And is there anything on VHS to hard drive?
Has anyone had good experiences "ripping" video, whether to archive on a media server, or for quick emailable, iPod watchable "rips"?
I would greatly appreciate it if anyone could update on the progress made in "ripping" video.

As an audiophile and not necessarily a videophile, the convenience of having video on a hard drive dramatically outweighs higher performance (if any) of having a collection of DVDs, digital videotapes, etc.

Could anyone please recommend software, hardware or any other tips for:

* ripping DVDs to a media server?

* Ripping other video content to a PC?

* Ripping anything for portability or use on an iPod, for example?

In another thread PQ was recommended and a quick search on the web recommends AVEX.

Is there an EAC for video?

Thank you.
I have used Nero to rip DVDs to a hard drive and it works well. But I have only done a couple and am in no way an expert. But it was pretty simple at the time which was a couple of years ago. It should be very easy now. You need a program such as dvd regionfree from dvdidle.com. It takes the region coding and copy restrictions out of the DVD. Yes there is EAC for video but using the above products, you may not need it.
Can Nero handle any video content? Videotape? HDTV?

Or just DVDs. Sorry if this is a dumb question - I would call myself an AUDIOphile, but by no means a videophile.

Thank you.
Nero can if you can get it into your computer. Nero also has Blu-Ray support and can convert to mpeg4 and DIVX. Keep in mind I am no expert on this subject either. Some folks would say I'm no expert on any subject.