" Dumb and dumber " audiophile question ?

You'd heard all there dumb questions, but what dumber one you heard or can think of ?
Mine this : How long is the break-in time for a turntable rack ? Of course I can imagine someone answer " If it sand- fillable you have to wait for the sand to settle." So this one is not a dumb question. But since I thought it is in the first place then it is dumber one after all. Am I confusing ?
I think you may have unwittingly joined your own contest Mesael.
How long will it take for for my new furniture to break in? The room sounds
different since I added a new sofa and love seat. If I decide to get new
carpet will a neutral or darker color tame any brightness issues?
OK, here's another one : I stored my vinyl lps upright, but how about my cds ?
Any of the "What's the best of" questions that we see daily.
Nothing to be concerned about as long as you have had the rack cryogenically treated.
For what it's worth CDs should always be stored vertically, just like LPs and books. For that matter the sound is influenced by where exactly in the room the CDs are placed.
I notice a lot of rhetorical questions in these parts, but few if any I would consider dumb.
FOr me the dumbest questions are the ones asking which way to do something.. when the real answer is to: Try it both ways anduse the one YOU like better".
Annoys me every time.
Most feel better if someone else confirms what they already know. Technical term is human.
Depends what kind of sand, where you got it, what is the crystal content. Black volcanic sand from Hawaii sounds the best but is very pricey.

Sorry, but it's fun to free associate.
Not even the black sand from Hawaii will help if your
assertions are build on this material.