"Dented tweeters — Does not affect sound "

Can we all agree to stop posting this crap in speaker ads?

Your toddlers poking at your speakers with a crayon, lego, toy hammer, etc. most certainly affects the sound and you should expect to take a financial hit because of it. If a dealer fed you that line of BS, you'd set about gathering angry hordes of audiophiles with torches and pitchforks.

Rant over. I feel better.
A dent in the tweeter's dust cap will not affect the sound as it is merely cosmetic. Most speaker manufactures will confirm this premise.

Should the price be adjusted for a dented dust cap? For new, Yes. Used, it all depends on the speaker’s desirability and what’s available.
Dents or dimples in a tweeter do affect the sound, otherwise why is endless research spent on generating just the right shape of a dome. Most times a dimple in a fabric dome tweeter can be can be fixed if caught i time, if it has been sitting too long then the dimple becomes "permanent' or at least will leave a crease if reshaped to original shape. On a metal dome tweeter your SOL.

On a woofer, which I'm sure is what Brf is referring to, the sonic effect of a pushed in or dimpled dust cap is probably minimal if at all detectable. But IMO the price needs adjusting because of the cosmetic impact.

As Always Good listening, Dimpled or not :-)

I know a lot of driver manufacterers use dust caps for dispersion. If the dust cap is missing, dented, crinkled or wrinkled, it will affect the sound.
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"If tweeters sounded the same with dented diaphragms wouldn't the speakers manufacturers dent them in advance?"

Sorry V but I think your logic's a little fuzzy. Should auto or furniture manufacturers, just to name two, whose products would function perfectly if dented adhere to this line of thought?

Your going to love a recent ad for a pair of Martin Logan Vantage that say
"Great condition other than the crack in the corner of one"

Check out the 3rd pic

And he rated them a 7

Looks like he joined today
Yes, if God meant for tweeter domes to be dented, he would have made them that way.
I had a brand new pair of paradigm studio 10's at home for a total of 15 minutes before I pressed in a tweeters dome with my palm while perfectly positioning them. I started to drink immediately. Or wait a minute, was I already drinking? Anyhow, it pissed me right off.
I don't like dented speakers....if they make an audible difference or not it still bothers me. You can sometimes straighten the dent by using tape or a pin to pull out the dent.. I would either send the speaker for repair or replace the driver myself. Things like that bother me.
Thanks Markpao, I'm going to offer that fellow double his asking price. ;-)

I've always held A'goners (as individuals) in a higher regard than on other listing sites, and I hate the thought of this turning into a flea-bay alternative where dented tweeters don't affect sound. Or "8/10 rating" amps that power up, but don't send a signal to the speakers (but don't worry, because its a cheap and easy fix).

And don't get me started on "rare" items. :-)
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