"Dead Can Dance", what is your impression?

When I heard "Spirit Chaser", I pictured some unknown jungle tribe chanting in a strange tongue as they moved to the beat of huge animal skin drums around a roaring fire in the middle of the night. To complete this picture, there were odd critter sounds in the background. Listen to "Dead Can Dance", and let your imagination run wild. Tell us what you see.
I was listening to that one the other night. It was one of the most relaxing listening experiences I've had in a while. One of those recordings that gets better with each listen.
Try "Into the Labyrinth" - the best of their CDs I think...

Try "Into the Labyrinth" - the best of their CDs I think...
Five years ago I would have agreed with this. After listening more thoroughly my favorite is "Spleen And Ideal" followed by "Spriritchaser."
Echo that!

I love 'em and have set as a favorite station on Pandora and ipod as well. Saw 'em live in mid 90s in CA, totally cool. Female vocal/lyrics at times are in foreign sounding language, but it seems its just a made-up language. At times I find their music quite calming, meditative, thought provoking. I guess I am saying - I am a big fan!
Check out "Toward The Within, a live concert recording which is available as both an audio only CD/SACD and as a DVD video.
Did you guys know the female singer Lisa Gerard, also does the last 3 tracks off the sound track to Gladiator the movie, she makes up here own language when she sings it, bit like gobelity gook, sounds great but don't ask me what she saying.

Cheers George
She's done several soundtracks. A little known but fantastic one is Whale Rider.

Hi, Also on Baraka Soudtrack

Pretty sure Lisa Gerard also has two songs in the movie Heat. Tip: always get DCD on the 4A label, not Warner Bros.
I see them as I saw them in concert (for the second time), September 2005, Hollywood Bowl, backed up by the LA Phil.... Awesome!

I have been a big fan for at least 15 years...
JB: I was there too. There is nothing to describe those guys live. I loved the way the bowl was completely silent the moment Lisa would approach the microphone. Even the crickets' fleas were quiet. Truly ethereal in every sense of the word.
Nice post! it's great to see what's good from this incredible band. I've played into the labyrinth hundreds of times and always wanted to pick up the others.