"DAC MAGIC "Coax digital cable recommendation

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Any recommendation for a used coax digital cable under $100.
My source is a marantz cc-3000 ( 5 cd carousel)as transport and a vintage Nikko pre-amp combo mc-2100 amp.
A couple of new cables I'd recommend in your situation are one of the Canare/Belden cables from Blue Jeans Cable, which are really good and really cheap or, if you insist on spending more money, a DH Labs D-75.
This may be the new champ in reasonably-priced digital cables: Empirical Design
PNF Audio
I used a Zu with my DacMagic and I loved it. I'm not using it if you'd be interested.
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Used, for under a hundred dollars you should be able to find a Harmonic Technology Cyberlink Platinum. Excellent digital cable.
I third the Blue Jean cables. Properly impedance matched, well shielded and quality build.
The cable used for these is designed for data transmission and at rates that well exceed current audio data requirements. I like to keep mine at least 1.5M long to prevent early reflection from entering the data path. Some will say that it is unnecessary at the data bandwith of audio but it can't really hurt. I'm from the computer data transmission world and it's mandatoty there so following tradition just gives me the warm and fuzzy.

1st of all thanks to everyone and i really do appreciate it a lot for your cable recommendation.
Btw,i would like to wait for my newly acquired s/s mcintosh c-15 preamp to replace old nikko pre and hear the sound difference.My ic's are all Harmonic Technology...but now reading more reviews on Blue Jeans cables.
Which one of these model are most use from " Blue Jeans "?

Belden 1694A

Belden 1695A

Belden 1505 F
Hello A"gon member.Thanks for the inputs.

I decided to get the Harmonic Technolgy Digital Copper and just set it up last night and heard for about 20 minutes.so,far so good but i really do need to break this in first and hopefully it will give all it's best.