"Component Video" cables

I just bought a DVD player to mate with an old (but good) TV set which my wife will use to watch mushy movies at all hours of the night. Since I didn't have an S-video wire handy, I hooked up the three-wire component video interface using a elcheapo three foot audio/video cable that I had on hand. Of course this means that only one of the three wires is the intended 75 ohms.

It works, and quite well. My question is...can I expect any improvement if I invest in the proper wires? A quick check of one cable supplier shows 3 foot interconnects at three price points. $65, $37, $9. Of course there is a fourth option, do nothing, which costs nothing.

What's the scoop?
75 ohm is always best.. Of course this part of the 'chain' might not be the weakest link. If the TV can only show a nor mal signal which is something like 250 lines then I doubt you will notice any real change. Still, you might want to go with what is right just because it is correct. The mid-priced cables are good enough. Check out Radio Shack which has better cables than what usually comes with a DVD player.

I bought my DVI cable for my EDTV Panny from PCCables.com. They have a 3 ft. Component video cable for under $7. Check it out:


It is cheap enough that it doesn't matter and it is 75 ohm and good enough to satisfy your "need" to do the right thing!


You may get a marginal increase in quality using a proper component cable. But at 3ft, you may not.
I just hooked up new inexpensive component video cables, with the proper 75 ohm characteristic. Even with the ordinary 27 inch Toshiba TV set, the picture was significantly improved.