"Come So Far"

I heard a reviewer ask the Tidal Speaker staff to play a cut from a cd he had with him yesterday at RMAF. It was acoustic blues and the title was "Come So Far". He indicated it had been recorded by Mark Levinson some years ago when he carried recording equipment around Virginia and North Carolina a la Alan Lomax. Does anyone know where this cd might be available?
No guarantee, but you might want to try Elusive Disc http://www.elusivedisc.com/departments.asp?dept=1371
Good luck
The guitarist is Guitar Gabriel and the cd is called "Deep in the South". It is a great recording and surprisingly you can get it for under $5.00 on Amazon. Cd Baby has it also.

Here are the titles as Amazon does not have them. The song you refer to is the first track.

1/ Came So Far
2/ Expressin' The Blues
3/ Ain't Gonna Let No Woman
4/ Betty And De Prit
5/ Old Fashioned Love
6/ Southland Blues
7/ Down On The Farm
8/ Miss You Like The Devil
9/ Sweet Little Angel
10/ I'm Mixed Up
11/ Make The Best Of Your Knowin'
12/ Juice Headed Woman