"Clapton", the autobiography

I picked up a copy of the recently published autobiography of Eric Clapton entitled "Clapton". It is an entertaining and informative read. The stories behind the bands he was in are fun. It will make you want to pull out some of your old albumns from that time and listen to them with a new appreciation and enjoyment.
Great news! I will pick it up this week.
I got it for an xmas gift and it sat on the table until I went on vacation last week. I finished reading it on the trip and really enjoyed it. Like you, I've been pulling out my old LP's, and have gone on a buying binge for some of the albums and DVDs referenced in the book. I scored a double live LP yesterday and Joe's Record Paradise - "Just One Night". It was recorded live in 1979 and is an amazing set, and a really good pressing/production.