"Can't buy Virgos" So what isclose for $1200used?

Taxes again!!! I can't buy a pair of "used" Virgo and must pinch my pennies. So what can I buy "used" for $1000-1200 that will be close to them in performance??? (Please no mid-fi cans) I have heard alot about Vandersteen 2CE's, and even this new Gershman speaker, "Cameleon" Therefore, need input on what "used" speakers for about $1200 will get me close to the performance of the Virgos II. Thank you!!
Can't go wrong with Vandersteen 2Csigs or Von Schweikerts used in that range.
I have had both the Virgo II's and the Virgi III's... I love the Virgo II's... but as I got more into kayaking I pulled some money out of my syetem and now use Meadowlark Audio Kestrel Hotrods on Symposium Svelte Shelves. THey really are great the Hotrod's are $1695 new but there sometimes a used pair out their. They are more focused than the Vandersteens and a little smaller and eaiser to live with. I have been very happy with this set up for a couple of years and have no plans on changing.
The Svelte shelves allow the Kestrels to really sing with deaper tighter bass and takes away any remaing congestion in the midrange..
Meadowlarks, Thiels and Vandersteens.
dont buy use,buy new one from norh.com, their 6.9
marble synthetic is good, i heard the virgo original
they are good, but try this $950 a pair of speaker
made in thailand design by Micahael Barnes,you still
have $250 left to buy speaker stand .
good luck happy listening.
I have never owned Virgo's. However I have spent time auditioning them from time to time. Recently I have auditioned several varieties of Totem speakers. Especially there less expensive models.

I thought they came very close to the sound of the Virgo's. Note that the Totem's are designed, like the Virgo's, with a very narrow baffel. The image beautifully, like the Virgo's, and are very musical as well. Check them out. There are very inexpensive models that will fit your price range.

Best of luck-Richard
I've recently seen a few pairs of Monitor Audio Studio 20s being offered at the $1,200 price level. They offer great resolution, bass down to 45Hz (in room can extend that to upper 30s), first class soundstaging and they're an easy amplifier load. Studio 20s are a step up from the Vandy 2.
why not build a SEAS or Scanspeak kit from Madisound? they won't look as sexy, but they are worth every penny.