"Calle 54": a great music DVD

This may be yesterday's news for those of you who have already seen/heard "Calle 54" (either on DVD or videotape). For those who love Afro-Cuban and Latin jazz but have missed this disc, do yourself a very large favor and trot down to your local Blockbuster or Hollywood Video, rent this DVD, and enjoy some stellar music.

"Calle 54" is a terrific look at contemporary Afro-Cuban and Latin jazz artists, with a dozen excellent performances featuring some of the very best musicians in this genre, including: Paquito d'Rivera (alto sax, clarinet); Eliane Elias (piano); Jerry Gonzalez (trumpet/flugelhorn) and the Ft. Apache Band; Chano Dominguez (piano), who has created a fascinating fusion between jazz and flamenco; Michel Camilo (piano); Gato Barbieri (tenor sax) performing a suite he wrote for jazz orchestra); Tito Puente (percussion) leading a stellar group); Chico O'Farill (conducting jazz orchestra at "Birdland"); Chucho Valdez (piano); and Bebo Valdez (Chucho's father; piano). The film was shot on location in the New York area; Puerto Rico; Havana, Cuba; and Stockholm, Sweden.

I usually go to bed every evening around 11 PM, but decided to give this disc a quick listen around 10:30. Once into it, I nearly got out my "dancin' shoes" (not really -- I have two left feet). Great music, great performers, and an absolute MUST SEE if you like Afro-Cuban and Latin jazz. I was still awake at 1 AM, listening a second time to the great sounds on this disc. I don't buy many music DVD's, but this one is definitely joining the collection.
Dang it SD, this thread is gonna cost me money :^)
Just for the record this DVD can be had for $16.55 shipped at www.deepdiscountDVD.com

Dang it, this thread just cost me money :^)
You forgot to mention Cahao!
Ceck out his Decargando and Cuba Linda CD's.

Also, just picked up Tito Puente's Tribute to Beny More, the best stuff I've heard not produced on the island.

Oh, and if you wnat some truly amazing jam seesions recorded in the late 70's(among the many greats spanning 3 generations, Nino Rivera and his amplified tres, Ruben Gonzalez on the piano, Pio Levy -wow, what a voice!), pick the Estrellas del Areito Los Heroes 2 CD set.

And I must mention, Estudiantina Invasora. The last of the Estudiantinas, founded around 1910.
Got tons more I can recommend if you like this stuff.

Sd, I had a similar experiance, and was going to start a thread about it but you beat me to it. The performances on this dvd are mesmorizing. Makes me want to go to Cuba. I was planing to separate my audio and ht systems. After watching Calle 54 I am having second thoughts.
I forgot to mention that the soundtrack from this DVD won the 2002 Grammy for Best Latin Jazz Album. I don't set a lot of store by the Grammies, but this time they seem to have made a good choice.

Killerpiglet: good tips -- thanks! I have been a big fan of Afro-Cuban jazz since Dizzy Gillespie's recordings with Chano Pozo (composer of "Manteca"), as well as music from Brazil and Argentina. I have several of Ruben Gonzalez's CD's, including the "Montreal Tapes" that he did with Charlie Haden, as well as CD's by Michel Camilo, Chucho Valdez, and others. Great stuff!

Jsbail: you voiced a comment I nearly made in my first post. This DVD really makes you appreciate having a first-rate combined audio and HT system. My system is mainly used for audio, and I had to integrate the HT components because I have only one room. Last night, I again appreciated why it's great to have a HT system that is built around first-rate audio gear.
I love this movie! I saw it in the theater last year, and bought the DVD as soon as it came out.

Cachao and Bebo Valdes (Chucho's papa) are two discoveries I made as a result of watching this movie. Cachao's totally swinging "Master Sessions" (vols I and II) are must-haves for anyone interested in Afro-Cuban Jazz, as is the reissue "Descargas De Bebo". Bebo also recently recorded an album of boleros, the name of which I can't remember offhand, which is another recording in heavy rotation at my house. Cachaoito (el hijo de Cachao) ain't bad either!

Does anyone know whether any of Beny Moore's or Machito's work has been reissued on CD?
Yes, Beny More and Machito are available on CD, go to Descarga.com.

The original Trio Matamoros (20's-30's) is also out on CD.

Btw, Sdcambell, I saw (on PBS, maybe?) another doc. you'd probably love, Vieja Trova Santiaguera playing in France.
Not sure if it's on DVD.
Here's a bit of info on the band: