"Cable Driver" by Audience

Has anyone out there used this device in his/her system and with what results? Found it on the Audience website.
The logic behind it seems sound and Audience is a serious enterprise. Wondering how these units do in the field....
Detlof, i had been to their website several times but never noticed that device. I think it is an electronic ( rather than transformer based ) version of a device that i discuss in the thread below. Maybe someone is actually starting to wake up in the audio field and pay attention. This kind of stuff is "old hat" in the RF field. Like i said before, if audio engineers were working on rf, we'd still be using tin cans and string. Might be worth checking out, but i've never used one personally. Nor did i know that any such device existed. Sean

Thanks Sean for pointing me to your thread on AA. I'm now even more curious to try it out, but almost two thousand bucks with shipping and duties to these shores bites quite a big chunk from my wallet. So I think I'll hang on first, still hoping for some reports from the field. Detlof