"Burn-In" quietly?

If a person wanted to burn in a pre AND an amp at the same time, but didn't want to put up with listening to a CD on repeat forever, could you disconnect your speaker cables from the amp and then run a CD on repeat?
Depends...some SS amplifiers and most, if not all, tube amplifiers require a load (like speakers) when they are powered on. They may get damaged if there isn't a load connected.

That being said, I'm in the process of breaking in a pair of new Dodd amps, and I'm using 8 ohm, 50 watt power resistors connected to the outputs of the amps when not listening to music. These act as my load.

Funny thing...when up close to the amps, I can hear the disc playing! I think it's coming from the tubes. Pretty darn wild!
Some amps will react violently to being used w.o a load. If you use a dummy resistor across the speaker terminals it might be OK. Check w/amp manufacturer.
Perhaps you can place the speakers face to face.
Connect your speaker wires out of phase [on only ONE speaker, reverse the + and the - wire], then place the speakers, facing one another, about 1 foot apart. Same operating principle as noise canceling microphones and headphones
I have seen where some use sleeping bags ( covering ) or pillows to soften the sound.It makes sense if you care to try it....
It is not worth the risk of burning up the amp to burn it in! I agree with Swampwalker & 1markr, some amps especially tube do not like being operated without a load. As much as it is an inconvenience to continously play music through gear for the purpose of break-in with speakers or resistors connected, it beats repair costs.


Use resistors. The "out-of-phase speaker" sugestion does not completely eliminate sound like "noise-canceling" headphones. Just be sure the resistors are 4 - 8 ohms (see your amp's specs), and rated adequately for wattage being fed.
If i see one more burn in topic...I've been into stereo for decades now.
I agree with Metro. Use power resistors and burn everything in silently. Much less annoying and safe to boot!
Thanks folks, I'll go with the resistors (after checking with the manufacturer)
LOL @ Bartokfan, (insert tounge in cheek here) DUDE, but how about that burn in time on the "clever little clock"? I've had mine modded by GNSC ....... sweet!
I am constantly amazed by the perceived need to gimmick the process. Why not just listen to music softly and actually ENJOY the journey? Why are we so hell bent on "getting there" for instant satisfaction instead of learning something about the process of how things change with time? Look this is not prewashed, faded and torn jeans folks. It's not even aged single malt, though to be fair that too does take time. And it is not "set it, and, forget it."

I am simply flabbergasted by such threads.

Guess I'm just from the old school of the living.

Look, just listen to your system, it's what you bought the damn thing for in the first place, right?
Stevecham, well put my friend! I don't think it's old school at all to suggest the journey should be savored. For example when I pack up the motorhome for a trip, getting there is most of the fun. Anyway my system is on most of the time, even when I'm not in the listening room for background music. You right, it shouldn't be turned into a chore.
I'm undoubtedly going to feel foolish for 30 seconds or so for asking this question...but rather than disconnecting the speakers.....why not just turn the volume down?
Fishboat, I thought of this but then I assumed (maybe wrongly?) that the amp isn't working very hard at a low volume, thus extending the burn in process. Am I wrong?
Hey, how long should Toslink cable be burned in for :-)
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