"budget" phono ic's

OK, I have a bid on a Creek phono pre(OBH8SE) and if I don't win that I'm getting a Cambridge 640 to go with my Music Hall 5.1 with goldring 1012gx MM. So what should I try to get for RCA's to go with these AND should I also replace the stock ones that came with my Music Hall(i.e. 2 pairs)? As you can see I can't spend a lot of $$$ but do love my music. Thanks for any suggestions
I got good results with Audioquest Diamondbacks and also the VPI interconnect.
Check out Blue Jeans IC's. Cheap and quite good. About $30 for a 1meter pair. Very low impedence so they don't get in the way electrically speaking and are very cost effective for longer runs.
I second the Blue Jeans - very affordable cable, good and works in many systems.