"Budget" cable advice, please


I'm piecing together the first refresh of my audio system in over 20 years! :-)

I've purchased a pair of Totem Arros and a Music Hall CD 25.2 CD player. I'll also be running a refurbished SOTA Sapphire and a PS Audio Elite Plus integrated amp. The only speaker cables I have right now are Monster Cable Powerline 2's that I used to bi-wire my old Vandersteen 2C's in the late 1980's.

I need best-bang-for-the-buck interconnect, power cord (for the CD) and speaker cable recommendations. I can't break the bank on cables, but want to get a marked improvement in the system.

Thanks for any and all suggestions!
Almost anything will sound better than 20 year old Monster Cable. For what you are investing, Kimber Heroes(pre-owned) and 8TC would make you VERY happy. That's providing you are interested in transparency, and not a fuzzy/euphonic presentation.
A consideration you might think about is keeping a good eye out on the 'gon for a good used pair of synergistic research tesla accelerators... you should be able to get them for under the price point you mention. SR afficionados are always moving up in the cable line. I think you'll like them. I know they made a huge difference in my SS system... happy listening
Try RS Cables silver interconnects and Clear Day Cables silver speaker wire.
Great bang for the buck.
Can't recommend a power cord as I'm off the grid.
For your $100 budget for interconnect and $200-$250 budget for speaker cables, I would second the Kimber 4TC or 8TC for speaker cables. Interconnects....too many to choose from. Any cheap decent brand from a reputable manufacturer would do. Use stock power cords.

A suggestion above on the Synergistic Research Tesla Accelerators may have burst the poster's budget.
Hey Rebbi,
You might want to google the White Lightning diy speaker cables. I have two ten foot lengths that are unterminated that I will mail to you for free if you are interested. You can get some spades or bananas that just screw on for pretty cheap and be in business for very little.