"British sound", Daedalus, Tyler

As a Spendor owner, I obviously like the "British" sound and realize that there are a few other good example of it: ATC, Harbeth, Proac, etc. Nevertheless I am sure there is a "family sound" here.

I am also curious about certain American companies that seems to have a very loyal following: like Tyler, AZ Adagio, Daedalus.

If anyone is in the position to compare two or more of these, for extended nonfatiguing classical listening at both low and normal volumes, I shall be grateful.

[You can mention other favorites but I can only consider traditional looks with modest footprint. Panel speakers, huge line arrays, or odd lookers like GMA are ruled out by WAF, no appeals left there. :)

One last request: Due to modem trouble/upgrade, I may not have Internet for a few days but will get emails on a PDA. So if you can summarize your feelings in an email, that would be super, otherwise post anyway and I'll read it soon.]
Member "Dodgealum" was a big-time Harbeth follower, before we converted him over to Daedalus. You may want to contact him.

Why did you have to go and put it that way? Now I feel evangelized. (But I do have the zeal of one who has recently converted).
Though I have been a pretty serious Harbeth fan (M30's and new Compact 7's), not long ago I got a pair of Spendor 1/2e's and I may, in the end, like them better. A little bit softer top, and really good at hanging on to a rich orchestral sound as you crank them up, without correspondingly edgy highs.

I heard some Tylers at the RMAF and was favorably impressed, but I really didn't listen long enough to come away with a solid idea of them.
You could try and audition Wilson Benesch and Mordaunt Short speakers.
You need to hear some good vintage speakers too like some Sansui sp-5500's with some good tube gear.......! Some say they made the best speakers in the late 60's to mid 70's and I AGREE!
I have a post somewhere here about "Tyler vs. Harbeth." I auditioned both side by side for quite a while. I loved the Harbeths (SHL-5) vs Tyler Linbrook monitors. The Linbrooks had almost as 'magical' mids but overall could handle heavy music very well, whereas the Harbeths break up at higher volumes. If I only listened to vocals/chamber/jazz I probably would have kept the Harbeth's. The Tyler's are better on average in my opinion - and they cost half as much. Overall they both do a lot of the same things very well.