"Big Sound" Reccos?

Well, I'm digging my upgraded system and would like to hear some reccos for "big sound" rock/fusion; wide sound stage, immersive, good production, tight bass, punchy drums, smooth upfront vocals.
A few things I am digging now: Peter Gabriel's "So", Elektric Band's "To the Stars", "Darkside of the Moon", Rundgren's "Liars", etc. I got hooked on one Queensryche tune - "I Don't Believe in Love." Not even a big QR fan but, by Jove, that is a great tune with a pretty massive sound.
What say you? What am I missing?
You are missing funk - if you want punchy drums and tight bass and big sound stage.

Try Tower of Power for starters. Soul Vaccination live album will knock your socks off - I guarentee it.
Seek out anything by Aquarium Rescue Unit or Screaming Headless Torsos,
If you like Peter Gabriel's "So" big sound (Daniel Lanois was behind this) then you may also like the sound of Bob Dylan's "Oh Mercy" which Lanois also did.
War, Lowrider. Hommies love this at the shows. Midnight Oil, Earth & Sun & Moon, it rawks like a mother. Willie Nelson, Teatro, another Lanois-produced gem.
Deep Purple - Knocking At Your Back Door
ZZ Top - My Heads in Mississippi
Monster Magnet - Space Lord
Roger Waters - What God Wants
Filter - Jurassitol
Bush - Machinehead
Crystal Method - Wild, Sweet and Cool
yes-drama.....the great buggles fuse with yes album. nearly forgotten and one of their best......
-any Jerry Gonzalez, esp. Moliendo Cafe. Fantastic recording, lots of punch!
-Steely Dan--very punchy, big sound
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