"Bi-amping" an integrated without another amp?

I have an integrated amp with dual speaker outputs. (Rotel RA-1060) I am curious whether it is possible (or useful) to bi-amp the speakers by connecting the A channel to the high/mid and the B channel to the lows. I suppose it depends on whether the internals are equivalent to 4 mono amplifiers or if it just splits the output of two amplifiers (equivalent to bi-wiring). I plan to upgrade the amp in the next year, so I'm not interested in adding a power amp right now. The speakers are already bi-wired from a single output on the amp.

Anyone tried this? Thanks!
It cannot be done because there is only one pair of amps in this box and the A/B terminals connect to them.

YES: That would simply be the same as bi-wiring.
Usually there is a speaker selector switch....A, B, BOTH. If you don't have a BOTH swotch position you will only be using one wire set even if both are connected.
Mr E: Rotel called that position on the "swotch", "A+B". (http://www.rotel.com/content/manuals_archived/ra1060.pdf) It'll work.