"Best" preamp for Dartzeel NHB108

Hi all and happy new year - I know there's not "best", but I am interested in the experience of NHB-180 owners with different preamps.
I am searching for a good match with my NHB108 ... short of the NHB-18 itself, which is too rich for my budget (and rarely available used).
I am currently using an Audio Valve Eklipse with NOS tubes, and whilst surprisingly musical and a great value, I feel it is not on par with the rest of my system.
My speakers are Vivid B1, the DAC a Calyx Femto.
If anything, in my room, the NHB-108 & Eklipse combination is just a little lean sounding, so I wouldn't mind a tad more midrange bloom, but of course without sacrificing transparency ... Remote control is a MUST, and a nice MC phono stage section (like in the NHB-18 ...) would be the cherry on the cake. Thanks for your recommendations!
If you want the best sound to come out of your Dart amp, hook up a D'Agostino Momentum preamp. OMG! One of the absolute best solid state combinations that I have owned and heard. I am sorry that I didn't hang on the that pairing. My CJ GAT (or most CJ preamp) with the NHB-108 is the best if you want tubes. This is my opinion.
Conrad Johnson ET-5 or GAT.

You will be in pig heaven.