"Best" Integrated Amp for JMLab Micro Utopia BE

Does anyone have suggestions for integrated amps that match well with the JMLab Micro Utopia BE?
PS AUDIO GCC series,probably GCC 250. One is for sale on Audiogon. Fully balancd with unique gain cell volume control, and full function remote control, including phase!
I don't own the Micro BE but I use to own the JM Lab 907 BE. I tried the following amps on it:

Rogue Tempest Magnum
Simaudio I-5
McIntosh MA6100
B&K ST1400

These speakers doesn't take much to push them and all my friends agree, the Rogue sounded the best with them. I heard and agree that tubes match very well with the BE line. If you prefer solid state, you can't go wrong with the Simaudio line.....
Tubes .
Be careful with any "BE" tweeter especially if your ear is sensitive to the high frequencies. I would go with tube integrated. I know a local audiophile couple who owns an expensive pair of Avalon speakers with "BE" tweeter (couldn't remember exact model) are not happy with them.
I auditioned this speaker with SS and tube amps. Loved the sound. I would go with separate tube amps or integrated:

Filarmonía Integrated
Pathos Logos
Jolida Model JD 801A
Cary 300 SEI
There is a Viva Solista integrated for sale on Audiogon right now for a good price. This is speculation since I haven't heard them together, but I'm very familiar with each of them and I would expect the combo to be amazing. As an aside, I have no interest in the sale of the Solista.
Good luck.
I actually had the same question. Currently using Micro Be but with separate pre/power but Looking for a simpler solution.

I have not started auditioning again, but I am interested on the following integrated:
- Ayre (heard great things about it)
- YBA Passion(heard it has great synergy with Micro Be)
- Pathos TT and Classic MK III
- Simaudio
- Rowland

any experience with them?

Ayre sounds good with the Micro Be but you may loose a little bottom end moving from the Plinius SA-100 mkIII.

Pathos sounded very smooth in the midrange on my Helicon 300s and when auditioned Micro Be. I think you lose a lot of slam in the bottom end here. But a very smooth amp if you listen to classic or less dynamic music.

Simauido also sounded good but nothing magical. I think it was the 70 watt amp.