"Best" cable for BW N.804

with all the different connections, I don't know which way to go. Can someone suggest the best connectors for the BWN804. Also, what is the difference between a "Z" and a bannana plug?
Do you want bi-wired or just straight? What amp are you using to drive the 804?
Alwang61, I need bi-wire, my system is Classe'CA 300w amp, Classe pre and cd.
Try the new Purist Audio Musaeus. I just ordered a Bi-wire pair for my B&W's and my Classe CA-151 amp. The new Musaues just amazed me at what it did and it is better then their older long loved colossus cable and is about 1/3 the cost of colossus. ($580 compared to about $2000) The thing that is nice about purist is if you order a bi-wire, they actually add double the cable instead of just splitting the existing conductors. And the new cables don't use fluid anymore for sheilding. They use a metalic substance called Ferox that really sheilds the cable creating an extremely low noise floor. The museaus is fuller bodied sound, very open and airy, detailed and soundstage is deep and wide. I tried many cables with my B&W's (Cardas, Kimber, Wireworld, Audioquest) and there is just something about the Purist im my set-up.
Jm, thanks, I'll check them out
I have been very happy with shotgun biwire Analysis Plus Oval 9. I am going to try TG Audio HSR pr with jumpers. They are on order.