"best" 3.5mm to RCA cable

Has anybody done a comparison of 3.5mm to RCA cables using fairly resolving system(s) to determine which is "better" or perhaps more accurately, how they differ if at all? I tried to do a search on Agon, but couldn't turn up very much. I am looking for a 2.0M cable for around a $100 +- 50%. You can talk about a $500 cable that sounds terrific, but it wont be of much use to me in this application.

Some background- I just got a AQ Dragonbfly and am enjoying it in my office system - clearly better sound than the sound card in my computer. Has me thinking of upgrades all along the line.

I have read and been told that a common limitation of Dragonfly installations in computer hifi will be the 3.5mm to RCA cable. Of course the dealer where I bought the Dragonfly tried to sell me an AQ cable that cost more than the DAC.

I am currently using a cable from RadioShack that cost less than $10, and I have a good idea of its limitations compared with well made interconnects. I prefer a purpose built 3.5mm to RCA cable as opposed to a separate adapter plus standard RCA cables, too many connectors.

Thanks for any advice,

The MAC or Signal Cable are difficult to beat. I own both, but not in 2.0M length. No, I've not done an A/B comparison as source is not that impressive (Mac Pro Book and iRiver CD player), but they both sound substantially better than Rat Shack.
AQ makes a mini to RCA adapter (be forewarned; mine had the red/white switched): it was $10 from Audio Advisor. At that point, you can use any cables you'd like to.
The Blue Jeans BJC MSA-1 is a really nice cable that can be made in any length you want and comes with a 30 return policy. Looks as if a 2M cable would cost around $35.
Thanks for the suggestions. Being impatient, I went to the neighbohood RadioShack yesterday to see if they had other products than their basic shielded cable I had been using and I picked up an Auvio brand 3.5mm to RCA cable for $17.99. It kills the original RadioShack branded product.

I will check out the others suggested here as well. I am familiar with Signal Cable, and own some Blue Jeans products and am generally impressed with the quality of construction - haven't done serious A/B testing with mainstream audio cables however. Not very familiar with MAC products, but have read other positive comments on Agon - thanks for that suggestion.

Check out the Zu Mission iPod cable. Retails for $99.00 but offered often (now) on EBay starting at around $30. They also offer a return policy for a risk free trial period.
Any updates on this? What are you using for your AQ Dragonfly? I am currently running the version 1.2 which I think is quite good, and am now more open on price if you have noticed a significant difference in your setup and can make a solid recommendation.