"Best" 12BH7/A tubes?

What is the sound character of the various 12BH7 and 12BH7 tubes? Different manufacturers, different dates, different construction types... How would you rank them in "quality"?
From my experiences..
From Most neutral to warm.....( in general terms )
All Grey plates except Rca ( black plate )
Ge-Sylvania-Tungsol-Rca grey plate-Rca Black plate....it all depends on what you need..
Ge being the most linear and most detail ( with less body )
and Rca Black plate being most warmth with less detail,but more body and lushness...
I prefer Sylvania ( 60's Pinch plates ) .....Nice deail,but not as dry and stark as the Ge...Many other options but would recommend starting with either RCA grey plates ( usa 60's vintage ) or Sylvania ( 60's vintage )
I just put a pair of NOS Brimar's in my power amp. They replaced a pair of black plate RCA's. I was really surprised at how much better they sounded across the board.
Thanks, Thorman. Pinch plates? What type of getter and lettering? Ditto RCA. You think the Sylvania has the best balance of detail and body?
Pmboyd : I can say that the 12bh7a Sylvania works best for me..Its a matter of system synergy..The 12bh7a Sylvanias I use were purchased at Tube World and they usually have a few versions..I use the Yellow Print...listed as .."Pinch Plates".. They vary from $70 per pair to about $100 pair depending on which yellow print you buy.....These are neutral sounding and if you need warmth you will have to go to another tube...Possibly RCA Grey Plates..Wish I could give you a more difinitive answer but its a crapshoot..The only way to know for sure is try one and go from there......Good Luck........
FYI: Any 12au7 can be used as a replacement for a 12bh7.
12AU7 is pin-compatible with 12BH7 but not equivalent. For example, if the 12BH7 is used as a driver tube, a 12AU7 will not do.
Best wishes
Just for info ,I tried the RCA 12au7 Cleartops in place of the Sylvania 12bh7a's ( Thor Audio Monoblocks ) and found the RCA 12au7 Cleartops to be Darker and more muted and didn't sonically work well in the 12bh7a position for me.......The Cleartops had good pace,but lacked the openness and transparency of the Sylvania 12bh7a's.....