"Best of Show" Adverts

Is it appropriate for a person or dealer to advertise a [fill in model name] BEST IN SHOW when that specific model didn't win any best in show, but rather other models of the same brand may have achieved that accolade. This practice seems purposefully misleading. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't buy from a dealer or brand that uses such tactics.
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It is accurate in general to state that a companies product line won best in show (as a result of a specific model perhaps).

If a specific model is said to do same and did not, that would be clearly a misrepresentation.

Never rely on marketing materials alone though in making a purchase decision. The devil is always in the details.
Why worry about it? Beyomd which as Mapman said the statement could have come from just one guy's thoughts that were published only as his experience at a show. I have not purchased my gear based on that kind of statement. If you see it repeatedly from different sources or a major magazine it would pique my interest, but I would need to hear myself if I could.
I think I know exactly who you are talking about. I have seen the ads and think, gee, all 4 of their CD players won best in show. It is misleading. Not quite a lie and not quite the truth. With so many great products out there I see no reason to deal with companies that market this way.