"Audiophile" fuses. A comparison.

Ennui has me contemplating upgrades. Have you made comparisons/evaluations
not sure'bout audiophile ones, but i tried ceramic and glass that sounded same and blown at the same time when needed. blown conventional glass one is visible through the glass while ceramic one you'll need continuity tester to verify.
i wonder if there are authorised audiophile fuse dealers here lmao....:-)
Have you made comparisons...

Oh yes. Those I dipped in holy water did sound more airy.
i have used fuses in my amps and other gear, and each time, quite honestly, I really have no idea if they made a difference.

i am a tweaker by nature and have gone well over-board with cones, platforms, fuses, sliver plating of RCA jacks, covering my cords with cable jackets and grounds, etc----

the big question is, what other upgrades have you done?

Have you used room acoustical treatments? If not, why not do that first. I would bet, in doing so, you will notice a clear improvement, vs, a extremely subjective one with 'audiophile' fuses.
Syntax, don't dip in holy water any components, they will sound too watery :-)
Ignore the skeptics and silly comments. Do a search, there are some great threads on here with comparisons of many of the popular options. I use mainly Hifi Tuning Supremes.
Sound might become (holy)ghostly!
Thanks Hew,
Will do.
Hew, none is skeptical, but I think that it's much smarter investment to have a nice steak dinner out at Texas Roadhouse instead regardless of weather it improves or not. I always look for the best certain money can purchase and no audiophile grade fuses actually is on my list for very obvious reasons.
CZ, I prefer "Salisbury" with with mushroom & onion gravy--easier on my old teeth :-).

Re the fuses, it seems they represent a potential spot of inferior pavement on an otherwise pristine highway(I'm using reference Spectral with all ref MIT p/c's, i/c's and speaker cables)for the ac power; hence my interest.
Ptss, I have tried most of the audiophile fuses out there. Most of the time I could not hear any real difference. On some occasions when there was a difference I did not like what I heard. When I could hear a difference for the better it was subtle at best.

HOWEVER, the one fuse that was not subtle and had a huge improvement for the price/improvement ratio was the new RED fuse by Synergistic Research. It IS the real deal IMHO.

Now ideally you replace the fuse/s inside your equipment if they have any inside ones vs the ones on the outside by your power inlet. That is where you will get the most improvement.

The best part is they come with a money back guarantee.

Good luck.
I believe that's what we call an outlier, when you have difficulty hearing a fuse or whatever. That's why it's often an excellent idea to cast out outliers.
Geoffkait, not sure what your post is trying to say. Can you please clairify.
Hifial, there are many reasons why folks sometimes get no results or even results that hurt the sound with fuses or almost any audio device or component you can think of. While that is evidence there might be some issue with the fuse or device or component it is only one data point. All of the evidence must be assembled and plotted on a graph to build a case for whether the item under test is for real. Without such more complete evidence it is not a good idea to draw conclusions or make generalizations regrading the effectiveness of the thing since there are quite a few reasons why a person might not get the positive results he was perhaps looking for, including inserting the fuse in the wrong direction, to name one. To claim that everyone will obtain the same results is a little bit premature. Most audiophile fuse manufacturers have been been thoroughly vetted in the press and on audio forums, so there's actually little doubt about their effectiveness, generally speaking.
I think Geoff is trying to say that since your experience lies outside of (an outlier) than what he believes is typical, it should be discounted. At least by anyone else. It's a way of dismissing a data point that is at variance with your hypothesis without having to explain the divergent data. It could be the result of an equipment failure, operator error, or a faulty hypothesis. In the case of something as subjective as hearing a difference between line fuses, I'm not sure where it gets you. If the listener thinks the fuses improve his experience and wants to use "audiophile grade" fuses, or magic dots, or little pieces of tin foil on his CDs, god bless.
Ptss, forget the Salisbury, get the real one from there if you haven't been yet. Yours will handle their tender juicy steaks with no problem :-)
Czaivey. As long as the mushroom,onions and gravy are "just right".
Just a touch of wine and rosemary with that is awful good(thats! an oxymoron). I like where this thread is heading. I am hungry.
Agree with Hifial on the SR Red fuses. Replaced HiFi Supreme top of the line fuses with the reds and there was an audible improvement. They actually work.

I replaced all the fuses in my CD player, preamp and power amp with Synergistic Research red fuses and the results were
spectacular. Improvements were everywhere. Transparency, Bass power and extension, Soundstage depth and overall musically
were all improved.
HiFi Tuning in my MF Tri-Vista integrated amp (2 amp channels and one preamp) - slight difference.

Furutech rhodium in my Wyred4Sound Dac - more noticeable difference.