Hello, I'm looking to buy a multi format disc player. Under $1000.00, 'used' price. It needs to be slam dunk easy to configure with oSD at least. Intuitive operation. For DVD Audio and DVD movie useage, primarily, and with analog out puts... so it'll need a pretty good set of DACs too.

It can be also multi disc as well. The emphasis here for me would be on having great sonics over great picture, if indeed there is a choice in that regard. Using primarily for stereo applications, though multi channel is desired too. Getting out to audition different players is an issue for me. A good solid choice in this area would suffice.

So what say you multi format player owners? Marantz? Integra? Dennon? Who makes the better unit these days or in the recent past for under a grand? ($500 - $700, a bit more if it's really superior).

One caveat here, I DO NOT WISH TO BUY ONE THAT NEEDS TO BE UPGRADED AFTERWARDS... just to get good sound.

Many - many thanks.
you may be able if you waite to find a marantz dv 9500 which is comning down in price with the new models coming out. these new models emphasis improved video dac's. by the way the marantz dv9500 is the same as the lexicon rt-20 which sells for over $4000.00 new. the lexicon just adds things that lexicon thinks is important. the marantz service is far superior to lexicon which is a harmon international company that owns levinson gear,proceed( stay away from them) harmon replaces problem proceed units with lexicon units for free. you cannot beat the marantz for what you are looking for especially with the falling prices. i use a lexicon rt-10 which is a marantz dv8400 which i had upgraded. since you dont want to go that route you wont be missing out on anything keeping the dv 9500 stock. well built units

My Onkyo Integra DPC 8.5 is okay, for around 700 bucks. I pretty much won't listen to it (except for SACD, of course) without the Dodson DAC in the signal path. Huge, huge, huge, HUGE improvement with the Dodson (huge).