"All Linn" ... is it still a good idea ?

My local Linn-dealer suggesting the following system to me:
Genki (cd player), Kairn (pre-amp), Lk 85 (amp), Pair of AV 5140 speakers. My question is how critical is Kairns pre-emp for the entire system? What would you change in this combination? Any experience?
Also, I do like the sound of Martin Logans Request speakers?
Is it an option to substitute Linn AV 5140 by ML request?
I can't offer you much advise on the pre amp, I use an AV5103 (as my system is set up for both HT and music) and love it. I also have the AV5140's as my fronts, and would recomend more power to drive them. Try the AV5105's, far more power than the Lk 85, or perhaps the Lk140. The 5140's can really handle power, and require quite a bit to play loud.
All Linn is an superb idea. For best results, you should also give a large percentage of your income to scientology.
Sarcasm aside, as with many brands there is a certain synergy that is of course a product of shared engineering. But all Linn is by no means necessary to attain a good-sounding system. Allow yourself to listen to the different combinations and decide for yourself if it is to your liking. You ask specifically about the Kairn. Are you going to listen to CDs specifically? If so, consider running the Genki directly into the LK85 (or some other amp) and forego the pre for the present. If you do desire a full-featured solid-state preamp though, the Kairn is no slouch. I use a partial Linn system and am fairly satisfied. My one caveat I suppose is to be more attuned to CD players with 24/196 technology, as the digital landscape is changing rapidly. Let your ears (and your wallet I guess :-) guide you. Cheers!
It was never a good idea.
You'll need lots more power to drive Martin Logans. Heck, even the 5140's don't sound their best until actively biamped. Frankly, I would shop around. I sold all my Linn gear (Kairn, two LK 100s, Karik/Numerik) other than the LP12/Linto and went to Muse digital and vacuum tube pre and amps. Linn stuff is nice, but you can do better for the $$ I am a happier camper now.
I am running the Kolector/LK140/Genki/Ninkas and totally love this setup. I would recommend super-sizing the LK85 to the LK140. I have not listened to the 5140s so I cannot comment on them, but I am very impressed with the Ninkas. If you are considering running the Genki off of the LK85, I would think twice. I don't think it sounds nearly as good as going through a preamp.
Linn is the most overated, overpriced equipment on the planet. I use to sell it so I know it better then most.Driving the Martin Logans with any linn amp would be like putting retreads on your new Benz.The only company that markets better then Linn is Bose.The M.L. are transparent and image like few others,driven by Linn would be like throwing a blanket over the Logans.