"All-in-one box system" that is High End

I am looking for a system to turn on every day when I come home from work, but does not require long warm-up. My main system is preamp with separate power supply, my amps are tube mono blocks. When I play I sit in one position,don't move and concentrate. This should be the walk-around system. I am looking for something that sounds 90 % of my high-end system. I have seen a lot of postive reviews on Linn Classik. Can I live with the basic (inexpensive system) or should I forget about all in one package?
sounds to me like you need to find a wife or a replacement for your current squeeze. audio can wait.
DC: Find a beautiful, restored and nice sounding Art Deco table radio (tube of course) and forget about the 90% (just invest in a good antenna). My "quick" system for many years was a KLH Model 21 radio (early 60's), tuned to the local jazz or classical station. It was not tube or beautiful or Deco (though I wish that it had been), but it sure sounded good when I did not want to be bothered with the other setup, plus I never got nuts about tweaking it (it was just a radio). It was also a chick magnet (much more so than the big rig). There's just something about monorial music coming out of a nice sounding vintage radio.
Magnum Dynalab MD-208. 'Nuff said.
Check out Acoustic Energy's Aego. (No, I'm not a dealer.) It got a rave review a few months back in Stereophile. After that, I went and listened to it at a local dealer's store. I agreed completely with the review. Excellent sound in a tiny package.

Here's their website: www.aegoproject.org
The Classik was quite a surprise to me. I've never owned anything from Linn, so I was skeptical to say the least. I strongly suggest you listen to it, you'll reach your 90% with just about any decent speaker you match up with it.
Check out the Burmester lower end products...
I second the vote for the Linn Classik....I bought one recently and just love it. Give it a listen before you make up your mind.
Lavardin IT. Single box and warms up after 10 min. Simply astonishing, in the same league as some of the finest tube pre/power combos. A must hear.
I've heard the Linn Classic and the Magnum. Have to say the magnum, hands down, tweaked this listner.