Quite Strings?

I have been to a couple of wedding recently where the guests were treated to four piece string quartets and I loved the pure, smooth sound coming from the beautiful instruments. My question is, what recording do my fellow audiogoners recommend that would be comparable to the nice quite experience of hearing the string quartet.
Not quite a string quartet, but it may be to your liking:
Respighi's "Ancient Airs and Dances"
Music of string quartets is not always quiet, and can often be extremely challenging emotionally and intellectually (as in the string quartets of Shostakovich, for example). But, to answer you inquiry, some quartets that will match what you describe include the following:

J. Haydn, String Quartets from his Opus 17, 33 or 54.
Mozart, String Quartet in A, K464
Bridge, String Quartet 3
Arriaga, any of his three String Quartets
Debussy, String Quartet in g, op10
Delius, String Quartet
Wikmanson, String Quartet in e, op1, no2

Good luck in your explorations.
Is there a good place to order these pieces...preferably on vinyl...but cd is ok too?
The best chamber music recordings that I have are TACET DVD-A discs available from elusivedisc.com, and others.
Troutki, for vinyl you unfortunately will have to search in the used market - new vinyl doesn't seem to offer much in the way of chamber music, let alone string quartets. For used vinyl, Ars Nova and Mikrokosmos are good sources to look through each month as they publish a new list: