Quirky Krell

I bought the new Krell Showcase pre/pro a couple of months ago and have been very pleased with the audio and video sounds quality. It does, however, have a couple of little quirks that are maddening.

When I use the remote for the Tivo, the Krell picks up on the signal and disables the digital signal in favor of the analog signal. A few minutes later, it will switch back. But it can be distracting.

The other quirk is that the remote control occasionally goes dead. I have to take the battery and put it back in. Then it works fine.

I had heard that Krells could be a little quirky. Now I'm a believer. Has anyone else had this kind of experience?
I've read more than a few posts regarding various Krell Pre / Pro's "going haywire" over on AA. My local Krell dealer ( well, they used to be a Krell dealer until territory disputes came up ) had told me that they had problems with their Pre / Pro's acting erratic. As such, i would keep a log of the oddities that come up and how often. Contact Krell with said information and see where they stand on making these problems "go away". Sean
I have found Krell's service to be outstanding; way above and beyond what I would expect. I would contact them.

I own a Krell HTS-1 and I have the same problem with the remote going dead. Not sure what causes this. It seems if I manually change the source ( DVD, Sat, ect ) on the face of the unit it will correct itself. This is a strange quirk but the overall performance is incredible!!!