Quirky British Audio

I can understand that British monitors might have a certain style, but can anyone explain why UK amplifiers might sound a certain way or perform better with certain speakers?

Lately, I have been experimenting with ATC monitors, using the "cheap as dirt" Behringer amps. This sounds so good that I have been thinking about upgrading to more serious amps including Brystons.

Googling around, several reviews have suggested that these power hungry speakers actually didnt sound so great with high powered Brystons, but quirky, underpowered British amps including Quad and Rega did a great job.

I never loved the looks or functionality of my Naim Nait integrated, but I have to admit it sounds suprisingly good when used with my Epos M12s.

What's the secret with these UK electronics?
Could just be synergy, independent of Nation of origin.

Also possible, is that certain electronics manufacturers use certain speakers as monitors, and when voicing their products, inevitably, their products will mate better with products similar in character to those used in the voicing.
the active atc's sound even better. the little naim can crank too for its rated power.
Who are you calling quirky, we may be a little eccentric, but never quirky. The question comes back to what type of watts not how many. Absolute power matters less than the quality, how well the amp grips the speakers and that is often based on power supplies and transformers. Why else would 8watt SET's work better in some cases than a 200watt SS.
Why else would 8watt SET's work better in some cases than a 200watt SS
Because at least the following apply?
*speaker is very sensitive
*speaker equivalent circuit interfaces optimally with valve output characteristics (small phase swings, hi impedance, hi magnetic flux on drivers...)

English people may be eccentric - English audio products are quirky.


Having lived in London for nearly 10 years, I am both an Anglophile as well as an audiophile.