'Quietest place on Earth' anechoic chamber

Utterly fascinating, check this out. Negative decibels. 

" This room in south Minneapolis, is so quiet that it measures negative 13 decibels. So quiet that Guinness World Records called it “the quietest place on Earth.” So quiet that film crews, acoustics nerds and curious kids journey here just to sit inside it. " 
It’d be a nice experience. Next up would be the good old sensory deprivation tank.
I’ve been in that very room. I sat inside of it with the lights out for about 30 mins.

Sounds in your body; breathing, pulse, etc are amplified or at least isolated so that you can hear them clearer. It shows you exactly how much reflected sound plays a part in your sensory experience and placement/equilibrium. When you are talking to someone next to you it feels like they are 30 feet away.

While it’s reasonably unnerving, it doesn’t exactly take you to the upside down.

I don’t doubt that it may be the quietest anechoic chamber on earth. There are many of them in the world; Apple HQ has one, and I imagine most major appliance manufacturers, etc. do. Not all of them have applied to the Guinness Book to be measured.

Definitely one of the coolest places I’ve been to!

This could be the loudest quietest place on earth 


Those are ATC 300 speakers - 121 dB spl continuously with 0.3% THD.
I'm not sure that dead a room would sound good for reproduced sound. I know we deal with all kinds of issues involving reflections, room modes, etc. but overdamped rooms sound and feel claustrophobic to me.
I once went into an anechoic chamber designed to test people with hearing aids. It was very un-nerving. I couldn't stand it.
I don't think so but Edgar Allen Poe wrote that it was impossible to hear anyone in one. 


0 db is the human threshold of hearing. so that’s why you can have negative db as the negitive is sound that is below human hearing.

I argue the space center in Florida is the "quietest - Loudest" place on earth. just think ambient sound levels then 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1......ignition, boom loudest place ...

ok not from silent but that range from ambient to the rocket ignition must be huge.

Ok maybe death valley July 16th at around 05:29:45 1945 silence then BOOM well you know what ... ;-)

We're so used to being 'immersed' in sounds that the lack of is truly an alien experience....

Spouse and I were traveling and happened to stop for a night along a country road in mid North Dakota.  Two cars happened to drive by beforel nightfall, and then....nothing.  Windless...still...we could hear a dog barking at one point, seemed like a 1/2 mi. away...

I swear we could hear our own heartbeats, the minor sounds of metals and plastics of the vehicle and our possessions cooling off into the evening.  It actually was difficult to fall asleep, it was too damn quiet and we were the loudest things present.

An interesting experience.  Could I live there?  No. *L*  I'm too much of a distraction...even now.... ;)
I didn't go to that one, but I went to the one at Bell Labs. It was amazing and cool, but I didn't sense any of that craziness that the article talked about. Maybe it wasn't quiet enough?